Are AJAX applications vulnerable to hack attacks?

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript Technology and XML) is meant to increase interactivity, speed, and usability in web applications. The technologies have prompted a richer and friendlier experience for the user, as web applications are designed to imitate desktop applications, such as Google Docs, Google Maps and many other well known web applications.

The richer and friendlier the web experience is, the more are the chances of having vulnerable code or web security issues, thus securing such web applications can be a nightmare.

In the following article, we give an in depth explanation of AJAX web technologies, and also show you how to easily secure AJAX web applications using a cost effective solution.

  • Great overview and summary document. Not only does is summize efficiently XSS and potential threats via java scripting and embedded xml, but brings up other security concerns the reader has come across in previous experiences evaluating xml input streams.

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