Protect yourself on Facebook and other social networks

While not particularly new anymore, online social networking is still an exciting medium. Compulsively, I check my Facebook every day, make several posts on Twitter and contribute what I can to LinkedIn and I know I’m not alone with these … [+]

Get sued for Malware Distribution

It’s becoming quite clear that this is an age of increased malware and security threats. The news is becoming more and more flooded with these kinds of reports and many of them are from reputable companies that end up looking … [+]

Malware Scanning - Customer Scenario

Malware Scanning – Customer Scenario

Malware…  Yes, its been around for many years.  However the attack vector has changed.  Long ago the primary distribution method was by sharing dirty data (yes, exchanging floppy disks….remember those days?! Then it went onwards into distributing viruses and malware … [+]

How you get affected by Malware - Customer Story

How you get affected by Malware – Customer Story

One big thing that is missing from this industry is empirical trend data that supports the TRUE risks and costs associated with hacking and malware infections. To date, we’ve written quite alot about customer-specific impacts when they are infected.  The … [+]

Wild Security Week – SEO Poisoning Malware Survey

Well folks, its been a crazy week online this week. Is it part of the holidays, or simply that more vulnerabilities are going ‘unfixed’ and the hackers are finding more? You be the judge. We definitely think that there is … [+]

2009 Security News Update – PCI Council, Aweber, Adobe – Hacks and Cracks

Back for the last entry of 2009, here are the latest updates in the security world: Aweber announces its own incursion into its site, unnumbered amount of email addresses pilfered. AWeber was recently the victim of an intentional attack to … [+]

A Website Hacker Attacks – CitiGroup Denies Knowledge

While I try and not to be so graphic with my comments, I can’t help but feel CSI-esque lately with all of these website hacker attacks. So here we go again. This time, its CITI. Just reported today by, … [+]

Rockyou gets rocked by hackers and old exploit

Well, it has happened. This time, the users themselves have taken action against for their inadvertent disclosure of customer information.  Hacker activity has meant Rockyou disclosed what looks like over 32,000,000 accounts. Yes, 32 Million! What is interesting about … [+]

An In-Depth Look at SQL Injection

SQL injection attacks are one of the most common techniques hackers use to access secure information from web servers to carry out illegitimate activities.  This hacking technique also demonstrates how vulnerable systems are on not just the insecure ports and … [+]

Why bother with PCI/DSS compliance?

As reported previously on a blog post there seems to be a growing debate about the true ‘value’ of the PCI/DSS standard. Indeed, we have been following a rather large thread on as well that is discussing the … [+]