Can I configure Acunetix WVS to crawl a website in a pre-defined way?

While scanning certain web applications, you might need to configure Acunetix WVS to crawl a web page — such as a shopping cart — in a predefined way.  To do so, you need to record a login sequence using the Login Sequence Recorder. The following procedure explains how this is done:

1. From the Configuration > Application Settings Settings > Login Sequence Manager, click on the ‘New Sequence’ button to open up the Login Sequence Recorder.

2. Enter the URL of the website and click on ‘Next’.  You can also click on ‘Check URL’ to confirm that the URL entered is reachable from Acunetix Login Sequence Recorder.  Click ‘Next’ to proceed to the ‘Record Login Actions’ step.

3. Navigate through the web application in the sequence you would like the crawler to crawl it in the ‘Record Login Actions’ step.  Once the whole sequence is recorded, click ‘Next’.

4. Specify any restricted links if you would like that the crawler does not crawl them at a later stage.  Click the ‘Next’ button to proceed to the next step.

5. Do not specify any ‘In-Session’ details.  Click ‘Next’ to verify the pre-defined crawl details.  Click ‘Finish’ to save the crawl.

Once the pre-defined crawl is ready, select the saved login sequence in the scan wizard’s ‘Login’ step.

Watch the below video for more information about the Login Sequence Recorder and how it can be used to scan a website in a pre-defined way.

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