Malware, Spyware, Trojans… The Many Forms of a Website Virus

Malware, otherwise referred to as a Malicious Software Program, is harmful software which can infiltrate your website and cause major irreversible damage via website hacking. Website malware can find its way into your site, perform modifications to your content, and gain access to not only your own personal information, but your customer’s sensitive information as […]

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Barracuda Networks Breached

Introduction On April 11th 2011, at nine in the evening, Barracuda Networks posted a grim entry on their blog. Their network had been hacked. Thousands of their confidential customer and employee records were stolen. In an ironic twist of fate, the company that advocates security through it’s own Web Application Firewall were victims to the […]

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Special Event Hosted by ComGuard

ComGuard, official Acunetix WVS Reseller in the United Arab Emirates, are to be hosting a special event! An Acunetix Knowledge Quiz will be hosted from their website and participants with the most correct answers will win an Acer Notebook.

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But Compliance is Someone Else’s Job!

Regulatory ‘compliance’ – it’s a dirty word in business today. Perhaps that’s because we’re being force-fed more and more rules that various governing bodies believe are the best ways for us to run our businesses. Regardless of what side of the government growth – and IT governance – equation you’re on, IT compliance is here […]

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Protecting Your Brand with a Secure Website

These days, everyone and their grandmother has a website or blog. It’s becoming more and more common for the average person to have a website, whether it’s for informational purposes or as a way to promote a product or service. Either way, there is a ton of competition on the web which results in higher […]

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Introduction On 27th March 2011 a message was posted on the popular Full Disclosure mailing list exposing a recent hack against the website This vulnerability was apparently also reported by a hacker called TinKode, who also claims to have found a cross site scripting attack on the same web site in January. SQL Injection […]

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"Acunetix Quickly Detects a Wide Variety of Vulnerabilities"

With all the talk lately, especially in the OWASP LinkedIn forum, about the most expensive web scanners being the so-called best, Infosec Island have put the far more affordable Web Vulnerability Scanners to the test. By using two well known web applications that were purposely developed with vulnerabilities in order to facilitate web application testing and research […]

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