Perform a Site Audit with Acunetix

A site audit using Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner site auditing tools provides web security experts and penetration testers with an immediate and comprehensive site audit report that covers security issues of all off-the-shelf and custom-made web applications.

Carrying out a regular site audit makes it easier for developers to avoid web application vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to access backend corporate databases.  Website auditing with an advanced site auditing scanner like Acunetix WVS helps you protect your website from hackers that could use it as a launch site for unlawful activities such as theft of credit card data, hosting of phishing sites, or transfer of illegitimate content.

Acunetix Web Vulnerability scanner has many innovative features available for site auditing:

  • Thorough SQL injection and Cross site scripting testing
  • Pioneering AcuSensor Technology that allows precise scanning for many vulnerabilities
  • Port scanning and network alert checks against the web server for difficult security checks
  • Extensive reporting facilities with VISA PCI compliance reports
  • An automatic JavaScript analyzer for security testing of Ajax and Web 2.0 applications

Download Acunetix WVS Trial Edition and perform a site audit today!

Site auditing with Acunetix helps you focus on what matters most – fixing these web application vulnerabilities – while eliminating the installation, hardware, administration, and maintenance costs typically associated with purchasing and running website auditing software.

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