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Inviting Web Security
Expert Bloggers & Contributors
We invite savvy wordsmiths and web security experts to join our team of specialised paid bloggers and content contributors.

Our writers have a knack and passion for creating engaging content together with a comprehensive understanding of web vulnerabilities and specialist experience in one or more related fields. They have excellent organisational skills and work to pre-agreed deadlines and content quality levels.

However they are not left to their own devices. They are backed by a marketing and technical team that provides them with the support and product-specific insights they require to build amazing content which is read by thousands of security specialists and CXOs every day.

You will also have ample opportunities to contribute to long-form content such as white papers and e-books.

So if you have impeccable writing skills in English, and want to share your knowledge and experiences in information security and web vulnerabilities, complete the form and we will get in touch.

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Some Recent Blog Posts

How to Mitigate Slow DoS Attacks in Apache HTTP Server

How to Mitigate Slow DoS Attacks in Apache HTTP Server
A Slow HTTP DoS Attack takes advantage of a vulnerability in thread-based web servers which wait for entire HTTP headers to be received before releasing the connection ...
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XSS Vulnerability injected through Google Analytics, executed in IOS’s Gmail Application

XSS Vulnerability Injected through GA, executed in IOS’s Gmail App
Roy Castillo, a security researcher from the Philippines, identified a XSS vulnerability in the Gmail application for iOS. The vulnerability was found in the mail attachment feature ...
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Top 5 Information Security Trends in 2013

Top 5 Information Security Trends in 2013
It’s always tricky to write about “top trends” especially in information security given that things are always in a state of flux. Yet still I can’t help but think about several key areas ...
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