Hackers do not hack websites just to steal credit card details, they do much more!

Many people think that they will never be a victim of a hacker attack or cyber attack since they have no valuable data stored online therefore they are no ones target. As a matter of fact this is wrong presumption, as web hacking happens for many more reasons than just for stealing data.

A hacker can hack a website to start using its bandwidth to transfer illegal content. The company responsible for the web server has to pay more money to pay for the excessive expensive bandwidth being used and also legal action can be taken against the company as its servers contain illegal content.

Many sites are also hacked so phishing sites can be hosted on a hacked server and many others are even hacked to improve another’s web site ranking in search engines by injecting hidden keywords.

Most of such cases lead to increased expenses and legal actions against the company responsible for the hacked web server, even if they are a victim themselves.

Read more about such attacks, why they happen and how to prevent them from happening here.

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