Inside the Mind of a Web Miscreant

Why do online attacks happen?We hear about “hackers” and “bad guys” on the internet all the time, but why do they do it? Without delving deeply into criminal psychology, they simply do it because they can. They often do it to promote a political cause or to make money. They do it to make others look bad and to boost their own self-esteem. Malicious attackers think, act, and work like any other criminal. They see an opportunity that will benefit them in some way and they take steps (often covertly) to carry out their acts of hacking, social engineering, malware propagation, and so on. And they know that they can get away with their acts in the majority of situations.

Whether or not it’s a personal attack on you, criminal hackers get what they need and typically move on to the next victim. Whether or not you believe you have anything of value for these people, you likely do. This is precisely why you need to ensure your web presence is secure.

Don’t even give the bad guys an opportunity. Check the security of your systems using Acunetix. Available both as a software download or online service, an Acunetix scan will identify any vulnerabilities that hackers can use to attack your web site and your data.

Lock down your systems and they’ll likely move on to someone else. Start your Acunetix 14-day Trial today.

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