Why bother with PCI/DSS compliance?

As reported previously on a thewhir.com blog post there seems to be a growing debate about the true ‘value’ of the PCI/DSS standard.

Indeed, we have been following a rather large thread on linkedin.com as well that is discussing the value of PCI in regards to the recent Network Solutions, Inc. disclosure that they had malware for several months!

As we continue, it seems that the Heartland CEO feels the same way: we were certified, we thought we were fine, until we learned that being certified doesn’t mean much…  Read the full article here.

To me, Heartland’s response to its issues have been much more responsible than others.  In this case, they weren’t happy with things, ‘took it on the road’, spun up trade groups, etc…  As compared to others, who just hid under the ‘certified’ stamp.

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