Q & A: Google Hacking

Question and Answer on Help Net Security; Google Hacking with Robert Abela, Acunetix Technical Manager.  In this intervie we discuss:

  • The importance of Google for security research
  • What kind of information about a target a penetration can find out by using Google
  • Tips to those that want to use Google for Information gathering
  • Advise to those that wish to protect themselves from leaking information via a search engine like Google

Click here to read the interview.

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  • This could be fixed if google impliments search filters. Or sensitive data encryption through crawling. This is a very old trick that hackers/Unsolicited users do to obtain sensitive data.

  • Well the problem is not Google but the way people abuse its capabilities. If Google capabilities are not abused, then it’s fine. Google without such capabilities wouldn’t be a great search engine, but another typical one.

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