Web Security products; which one should you choose?

In today’s Web security market there are many products to choose from; Web Application Scanners, Intrusion Detection systems, Web Application Firewall, Anti-Phishing filters, and many others.  But which one should you choose?

Most products depend on updates and signatures, what if the vendor is a couple of minutes late in updating the software?

With web technology evolving every day, can you depend on updates provided by the vendor once the exploit / hack details are already out there available available for the public?

Are you checking your emails and mobile 24/7 waiting for notifications that your website is already under attack?

No matter how secure is the network  protecting your website and visitors, if your website is vulnerable, you’re wasting resources without fixing the weakest link.

Read more about the Advantages of Web Application Security Scanners and why it is the solution.

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