Can I delete a Target?

Since Acunetix Online is licensed per Target, a Target can only be deleted prior to it being scanned. Once a Target has been scanned, it cannot be deleted – the deletion option will be greyed out.

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  • I don’t understand that I can’t delete a scan target from the list of sites I wish to scan regularly. Assuming that I have a license that permits me to scan 10 sites but I need to delete a site and replace it with another scan target, why can I not do this?

  • Hi Mike,

    The Acunetix OVS license is for a fixed amount of sites. So if you purchase a 10 Target license, you will be able to configure up to 10 websites. If you need to scan more sites, you will need to purchase a bigger license. Note that recently we have doubled the Targets purchased – these additional targets can be used for Network Scans only.

  • Can i edit IP/URL in Target? Because we have setup sub domain, and we want to scan whole site (same site) for next step. We can?

    • Hi,

      Ideally, you configure the Scan Target correctly the first time round. Once you scan the target, you will not be able to alter the target’s IP / URL.

  • Can you clarify the policy for deleting scan targets where there is no longer any practical reason for me to retain them? For example if the website has changed its URL, or if it belongs to a client we no longer work for. It is a real disincentive to renew our subscription if it entails paying for continued access to services we can’t use.

    Perhaps there could be an option in the portal to delete old scan targets after a license renewal?

  • Can we change the scan targets to another? For example, my website changes different URL and we would like to confirm customers move there.

  • Wow. This should really have been made clearer before we spent a LOT of money on Acunetix. Our products and domains change over time, and on any other platform I’ve used we are able to change them as required.

  • I have to second that this policy is a little too restrictive. We have some dead links now in our list of targets and cannot remove them, and we are out of scan targets. If we need to pay for the ones we’re replacing, why should we stay with Acunetix? Might as well pay someone else with a less restrictive policy.

    • Hi,

      This policy is to prevent users buying a small license and using it to scan many sites. We will consider the deletion of Targets for legitimate users.

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