How can I be sure that Acunetix Online has crawled my entire website?

Once a web scan has finished, you can check the URLs that have been scanned using the Coverage Report. Proceed as follows:

  1. From the All Scans, select the scan you would like to report on.
  2. Click Generate Report
  3. Select the Report Format, and choose Coverage Report from the Web Reports drop down.
  4. Click Generate.
  5. Wait for the report request to be processed. This usually takes only a few seconds. Click the Refresh button to check on the status of the report.
  6. Once the report has been generated, you can Download the report.

The report shows all the URLs scanned, and will indicate the ones that contain vulnerabilities. It will also allow you to confirm the URLs that have been checked during the web scan.


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    • Hi,

      The Coverage Report is not available in WVS. However, WVS shows you the structure of the site in the Scan Results. This provides more information than the OVS Coverage Report.

      A similiar report is the Affected Items, which shows the list of URLs that contain vulnerabilities.

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