How many users can be created in Acunetix?

Acunetix Online is a multi-user system. The first account that is created is the main admin account, also referred to as the root account. This main admin account can create additional users, giving a role to each user account and configuring which Scan Targets can be scanned or reported on. More information on creating and managing user accounts can be found here.

The number of users that can be created in Acunetix On Premise depends on your license.

License Type User Limit
Standard 1 User
Pro 1 User
Enterprise 3 – Unlimited Users

The number of users that can be created in Acunetix Online depends on the number of Targets that are licensed. The following table details the number of child accounts that can be configured for each Acunetix Online license.

Licensed Scan Targets User Limit
3 Scan Targets 1 User
5 Scan Targets 2 Users
10 Scan Targets 5 Users
15 Scan Targets 7 Users
25 Scan Targets 12 Users
50 Scan Targets 25 Users
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