More FREE and automated SQL Injection tools available for hackers

Hackers are clearly becoming more sophisticated than ever these days, not only operating within a very close-knit web hacking community of sites and blogs, but now also creating their own automated and free SQL Injection attack tools and making them availble for the public.

These tools, which are marketed openly as developed for ‘security auditing’, help hackers to easily recognize potentially vulnerable web sites that can fall victims to massive SQL injections.

Web developers should be asking themselves what to do against this major threat.

Knowing that vulnerable web applications are the target of SQL injection and other web hacking techniques, the logical thing to do is to stay a step ahead of hackers and prevent these web site attacks from happening by identifying web application vulnerabilities before these are hacked.

Read how Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner helps you prevent these sophisticated attacks on your web applications here.

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