Boost Website Confidence with Acunetix Site Seal

seal 250Would it be good if you can claim that your web site is safe? This would boost the confidence in your web site. Your site’s users can browse your site without having to worry about becoming the next victim of a hacked site. That is now possible with the Site Seal in Acunetix Online.

Getting the Acunetix Site Seal on your site is very easy if your site is secure. Let’s see how to achieve the Acunetix Seal for your Scan Target, and how to install it on your site.

Obtaining the Acunetix Seal for your Scan Target

  1. If you have not already done so, create your Scan Target in Acunetix Online.
  2. Go through the ownership verification process by uploading the unique verification file to the root of your web site. You might also need to go through the network scan verification process if you have not already done that.
  3. At this stage, the Scan Target will show that the Acunetix Seal has not yet been seal general
  4. Proceed to scan your website.
    a) Click on the Launch Scan menu
    b) Click on the Scan Now button next to your Scan Target
    c) You will need to select Full Scans for both the Web Vulnerability Scan and the Network Vulnerability ScanSite Seal
    d) Confirm that you are authorised to scan the target
    e) Click the Launch Scan when done.
  5. You can monitor the status of the scans from the Scans > All Scans. Once the scan is finished, you will need to ensure that none of the scans reported High or Medium Severity seal all scans
  6. Back to the properties of the Scan Target, you can confirm that the Acunetix Seal has been awarded to the Scan Targetsite seal 4

NOTE: You will need to run a network and a web scan on the scan target at least once a month, and both scans should not report any High or Medium Severity Vulnerabilities in order to maintain the Acunetix Seal. This can be easily done using Scheduled Scans in Acunetix Online.

Installing the Acunetix Seal on your site

Now that your web site has been found to be safe and has been awarded the Acunetix Site Seal, you will need to install the Acunetix Seal on your site. You can show the Acunetix Seal on the main page on your site, or on all the pages as part of the footer of the page or in your shopping cart, just before people provide you with their credit card details. Here is how to install the Acunetix Seal on your site.

  1. From the properties of the Scan Target, click on the Acunetix Sealsite seal 5
  2. From here, you can view your Acunetix Seal for the scan target, and also check the Seal Verification Page, which is the page that is loaded when users click on the seal on your site.
  3. Select HTTP or HTTPS. This should match the protocol used on your site.
  4. Copy the HTML code for your seal, and insert it in your web site, in the place, where you would like to seal to appear. Note that you can only use the seal code on the site that has been scanned.
  5. Resize the image as needed, so as to look good on your site. This can be done using the height and width attributes in the img tag.
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