The Payment Card Industry Compliance

Securing both Merchant and Customer data

This white paper introduces the Payment Card Industry Compliance standard, and the security threats which brought about the need to standardize the data protection of both merchants and customers. The internet is no longer just a source of information, but it is a trading universe where thousands of credit and debit card transactions are carried out every second. Private data is transmitted and stored online through systems which have been exploited numerous times, resulting in immense financial repercussions on both traders and buyers. PCI Compliance is a structured security checklist which aims at securing financial data, and helps to distinguish the secure and reliable businesses from the risky ones. This compliance structure is also used in the Acunetix WVS Reporting Application, and allows security alerts to be presented in a document which abides by the PCI specification.

Click here to read the Payment Card Industry Compliance whitepaper

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