Security for WordPress Under Attack again

As widely reported in the past few days, major hosting operations such as GoDaddy, Verisign, Bluehost and others are being subjected to coordinated attacks on WordPress and ZendCart installations.

At this point, while everyone sorts out the mess, it is unclear about how all of them are being affected (opinion is 50/50 that is from the ‘inside’ – that is a major server vulnerability vs. a software vulnerability).

We recommend that end users/bloggers download a 14-day Trial of Acunetix, and audit their website’s security for web vulnerabilities.

Apart from the well-known vulnerabilities such as XSS and SQL Injection, Acunetix can also warns you if you are running an old or vulnerable version of WordPress, outdated or vulnerable WordPress plugins and themes and other mis-configurations which can lead to security issues.

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