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With the number of cyber-attacks drastically up in the last year and the cost of breaches doubling, never has limiting this risk been such a high priority and a cost-effective investment. Can you afford your sensitive data being sold over the dark web? Proactively identify security exploits before criminals do, and take control of your web app security.

Use Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 10 to:

  • Automatically check web applications for XSS, SQLi & over 500 other vulnerabilities
  • Reduce false positives with grey-box scanning that analyzes code during execution
  • Scan restricted areas entirely automatically
  • Test for over 1200 WordPress-specific vulnerabilities in the WordPress core and plugins
  • Scan HTML5, JavaScript, Single Page Applications and RESTful web services
  • Analyse external links found during a scan and test for malware and phishing URLs
  • Run comprehensive reports for legal and regulatory compliance.

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