Thank you for downloading and installing the Acunetix Enterprise Reporter.

The Acunetix Enterprise Reporter installation was successful.  You are just a few steps away from generating reports from a central reporting server.

1. Connect to a Central SQL Server

If you already have a number of Acunetix WVS installations reporting to a central SQL server instance, configure the Enterprise Reporter to connect to the same SQL Server from the Configuration > Settings > Database Administrator node.

2. Create a new Database or Connect to an Existing One

Click on ‘Add database’ in the User Databases node to create a new database.  Click on ‘Export for WVS’ to export the database connection details and import the settings into a new Acunetix WVS installation.  If you are connecting to an existing Acunetix WVS reporting database, specify the existing database name and credentials to access it.

3. Download the Manual

We recommend that you download the manual. You can download it in PDF format here.

4. Learning about Web Security and Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner

If you are new to web security, Acunetix has a number of resources for you to learn about it:

5. Obtaining Support & Contacting Acunetix

All support queries for the Acunetix Enterprise Reporter should be sent to  No support is available for the free edition of Acunetix WVS.  Once you buy a commercial edition, you can also buy Acunetix maintenance agreement – which is inexpensive and gives you support for Acunetix WVS, and entitles you for free version upgrades.  Details can be found here.  You can contact the Acunetix Team by emailing  If you are interested in purchasing Acunetix via one of our partners, you can find an Acunetix partner close to you from here.