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Take control of your web security

Find, Fix and Prevent vulnerabilities with Acunetix360

  • Find all your web assets in real time.
    Even those you may have missed.
  • Fix all your vulnerabilities.
    Assign to the correct party and track progress.
  • Prevent issues before making it to production.
    Integrate into SDLC.
Vulnerability Scanner - Audit Your Web Security with Acunetix

Continuously Protect All Your Web Assets

Acunetix 360 is a unique solution that can help you find all your web assets even ones you didn’t know existed.

  • Don’t overlook anything. Automatically discover web assets that are owned by your business and/or manually import them.
  • Streamline your processes. Use security policies to continuously monitor and safeguard your web assets.
  • Find every vulnerability and only real vulnerabilities. Don’t waste valuable resources researching false positives.
Make Sure that Every Vulnerability is Fixed

Make Sure that Every Vulnerability is Fixed

A large organization cannot afford to manually fix every vulnerability. Unlike simpler vulnerability scanners, Acunetix 360 supports your entire workflow.

  • Have the right team address the issue. Integrate with issue trackers to automatically assign tasks to the right person.
  • Include all stakeholders. Keep the right people informed using custom workflows with granular permissions and various communication channels.
  • Don’t let mistakes happen. Automatically retest after an issue has been marked as fixed and, if needed, reassign to the responsible party
Lowest False Positives - Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) with AcuSensor

Catch Issues Before They Emerge

Make sure to prevent exposure by enforcing vulnerability testing at the right stages of your SDLC.

  • Don’t miss any bugs in your code. Use your proven continuous integration solution to include an incremental vulnerability scan in every build.
  • Quickly pinpoint and fix the problem. The level of detail provided by Acunetix 360 helps you avoid additional research and resource costs.
  • Do it your way. Integration capabilities of Acunetix 360 let you avoid the costs associated with implementing additional solutions.

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