Licensing information, terms and conditions

Acunetix Online

Acunetix Online is sold per number of Targets (a target is a website or a server that is hosted on the internet which you would like to scan). N.B. A Target cannot be deleted once it has been scanned.

Perpetual or Subscription Licenses

Acunetix On Premise is sold as a 1 Year Subscription license or as a Perpetual license. The Standard, Pro and Enterprise Editions are available in both forms. Generally, the Perpetual license is more cost-effective over a number of years (lower Total Cost of Ownership).

Support and version upgrades are included for free for the full duration of the 1 year license, however it is only included for the first year of the Perpetual license. To extend this period of support and free version upgrades to one or more years, a maintenance agreement should be purchased along with the perpetual license.

Standard Edition x2 Concurrent Scans (Unlimited Sites/Servers)

The Standard Edition is the entry level presentation of Acunetix and may be used to scan an unlimited number of websites, limited to 2 concurrent scans from the same single fixed install computer. The typical Standard Edition customer is a single workstation user responsible for security posture and compliance, who wishes to undertake standalone pen-testing with the support of some excellent developer reports and with the remediation tips Acunetix is Now renowned for.

As of the launch of v11, the Standard Edition replaces and continues from the previously named Enterprise product. The term Enterprise is now reserved for larger multi-user and, optionally, multi-engine licenses at the other end of the scale. Holders of Enterprise (x2 Concurrent Scan) Edition v10.5 licenses or earlier, will upgrade automatically to the Standard Edition in v11 against a valid maintenance or subscription agreement and the product part numbers remain the same.

Pro Edition x5 Concurrent Scans

The Pro Edition x5 Concurrent Scan license is ideal for the power user requiring more detailed compliance reports and integration with the software production train. The Pro Edition supports 5 concurrent scans from the same single fixed install computer.

The Pro Edition customer could be an outsourced or insourced security professional leading more advanced projects such as setting up a professional application security vulnerability management program within an organization. This user would be responsible for security posture and compliance. The Pro Edition has access to many Enterprise features, such as: the ability to group and classify asset targets for better vulnerability remediation prioritization; integration with Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) project management or issue tracking systems; comprehensive compliance reports;integration with top Web Application Firewalls (WAFs); informative trend graphs for use by top management.

As of the launch of v11, the Pro Edition replaces and continues from the previously named Consultant 5 Concurrent Scan product. Holders of Consultant (x5 Concurrent Scan) Edition v10.5 licenses or earlier, will upgrade automatically to the Pro Edition in v11 against a valid maintenance or subscription agreement and the product part numbers remain the same.

Enterprise Edition x10 Concurrent Scans

The Enterprise Edition x10 Concurrent Scans adds multi-user, collaborative team capability and can also control multiple Acunetix scan engines.

As a threats and vulnerability management program develops within an organization engaged heavily in application development, the customer can scale up and roll out to multiple users including top management, governance, risk and compliance (GRC) personnel. The Enterprise Edition customer has full role-based multi-user team support and the ability to deploy multiple scan engines managed by the central system while with the entry-level Enterprise 3, 5, 10 user licenses the single fixed install comprises both the central system and the scan engine installation. The Enterprise Edition can scale from 3 to unlimited users and up to 50 Acunetix scan engines.

Multiple Concurrent Scan Licenses, and Multiple Concurrent Standalone User-installs or Extra Scan Engines)

As described above, Acunetix can be used to run multiple concurrent scans of multiple websites from the same workstation. The Standard Edition can run 2 concurrent scans, the Pro Edition can run up to 5 concurrent scans, while the Enterprise Edition of the software can run 10 scans concurrently, or more, either at the central node (for 10 concurrent scans) or over multiple scan engines depending on the licensing options selected, the deployment configuration and architectural considerations. Please contact for more information on this.

Acunetix have included Edition Upgrade paths, allowing upgrades from Standard to Pro, Pro to Enterprise and beyond. It is possible for Subscription license customers to upgrade their licenses to larger Editions and add users.

Payment Methods Accepted

Payment can be made by Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard), PayPal or by Wire Transfer. If paying by wire transfer our online ordering system will provide you with a proforma invoice and the relevant bank details according to your geographic location.

Product delivery

Acunetix software products are delivered electronically. A license key and download location is sent to you by email within one business day of placing your order.


Product returns are not accepted. We encourage you to take advantage of our “Try before you buy” policy.

Pricing Terms and Conditions: FOB (End User) Internet excluding all taxes

All taxes such as royalty taxes, levies, duties, sales tax and VAT must be added to these prices and paid by the end user in the respective market.
European customers must refer to our Euro pricing and pay in Euro. Only customers outside of Europe can purchase in USD.


Electronic Software Delivery, activated by means of a license key.