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Acunetix is a web vulnerability solution for securing your websites, web applications, and APIs


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Only Acunetix gave us the ability to modify vulnerability checks and scan for the ever growing threat of web application vulnerabilities. The speed in which it performs the checks is also unbeatable.

M. Rodgers, member of the US Air Force IT Security team

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Acunetix is the Customers’ Choice in Gartner 2020 Peer Insights. Security experts are speaking up on other trusted software review sites, too!



Gartner customers' choice

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Find Everything

Scan everything from simple pages to password-protected areas and multi-level forms with advanced crawling technology.

Acunetix WVS surpasses other web application vulnerability scanners out there, both in terms of its ability to find vulnerabilities and reduce the false positives that I have to deal with.

-Aaron Bryson , Technical Director, Cylance, Inc.

Fix Fast

Get immediately actionable results with validation checks that confirm which vulnerabilities are real and not false positives.

Acunetix is crazy fast! We're now running over double the amount of concurrent scans!

- Bill F. , Web Application Vulnerability Scanning Service Lead, VITA

Prevent Vulnerabilities

Schedule fast or deep scans according to your needs and immediately scan new builds, so you can catch issues before they end up in production.

We use Acunetix as part of our Security in the SDLC and to test code in DEV and SIT before it's pushed to Production.

-Kurt Zarzi , Xerox CA-MMIS Information Security Office

Seamlessly Integrate With Your Current Systems

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Acunetix Pricing

Get way more than just a vulnerability scanner (although our scanning is amazing). Acunetix is a complete application security solution that finds security vulnerabilities in every corner of every application and actually makes you safer with integrations and features to help you fix your issues fast!

  • Detect 7,000 + web vulnerabilities
  • Easy to use, intelligent crawling
  • Combined DAST + IAST scan results
  • SCA for open source components
  • Native integrations into CI/CD and issue trackers
  • Flexible API to integrate with everything else
  • 99% customer support satisfaction
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited scans
  • Run your first scan in minutes

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Acunetix is the best scanner in the world, other scanners are just not as good. Acunetix helps me a lot in my job; it gives a detailed and accurate list of vulnerabilities with explanations on how to fix each one. Respect to Acunetix staff and software, nice work and keep it up!

Domagoj Jazvec, Penetration Tester, Croatian Academic and Research Network