Import Targets in Acunetix 360

If you have a large number of different targets you want to scan, you can import them all at once by uploading them as a CSV file in the Import Targets page. This is more convenient than adding them one by one. The Target Groups and Technical Contact details are applied to all targets.



You can select to Download a sample file from the Import Targets page. When it is uploaded back into Acunetix 360, the first column populates the URL field while the second column populates the Name field, for every target.

Importing Targets Fields

This table lists and explains the fields in the Import Targets page.




Click to select the file format for importing targets. The options are: CSV Upload or Text.

CSV File

Click Browse to select a file for uploading.


This is a target box that is used to paste the list of Targets to be imported. This field is displayed only if you select the Text method.

Target Groups

Select to define to which group targets are imported.

Technical Contact

This is the name of the person to whom new Issues will be assigned. This information will be applied to all targets you import in this action.

How to Import Targets in Acunetix 360
  1. From the sidebar, click Targets, then Import Targets.

  1. Click Download a sample file, rename and save this file in a safe place. Then, add the URLs and Names of all the targets you want to scan.
  2. In the Import Targets  page, click Browse, find the file you have just completed and click Open. Alternatively, paste the comma delimited text in the Targets box if you are using the Text option.
  3. In the Target Groups field, select the relevant group.
  4. From the Technical Contact dropdown, select an option.
  5. Click Save.
  6. The targets have now been imported and are available to view in the Manage Targets  page.


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