Scan Single Page Applications

Acunetix 360's DeepScan is a DOM parser that provides superior coverage when scanning single page applications (SPA) and modern web applications that depend heavily on multiple level JavaScript interactions.

The basic point is that unless a parameter is crawled or identified, it won't be scanned.

For example, when DeepScan simulates a mouse click or a mouseover, it detects all the new changes in the web application. It's the same when you use Gmail. When you click Compose, a new section of the web application opens, with new input parameters.

Acunetix 360 populates and submits forms according to specified rules, even when analyzing client-side scripts. This means that it can bypass client-side checks, facilitating more thorough web security scans.

Acunetix 360 automatically makes use of DeepScan to analyse Single Page Applications and Javascript in web sites. No additional configuration is required.

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