Generating Reports

Screenshot - Generate a Report

Once a scan is finished, you can generate a report for the scan. Proceed as follows:

  1. When reviewing the results of a scan, you can select 'Generate Report' for that specific scan.
  2. Choose the Report Format, which can be either PDF or RTF
  3. Choose the report that you would like to generate. The reports available are described here.
  4. Click the 'Generate' button.
  5. You will then be taken to the Saved Reports. The report might take a few seconds to generate. Click 'Refresh' to check if the report is ready to download. Reports are generally available in less than 10 seconds.

You can also generate reports in bulk via ‘Reports’ > ‘Generate Reports’. Here you will be presented with a list of all your scans. Select the scans you would like to report on, choose the Report Format, the Type of Report and then click 'Generate'.


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