Scan Target Finder

The Scan Target Finder is able to identify Scan Targets owned by the organisation, which may have been missed, prompting to schedule the scan target for an Acunetix scan.  These hosts are often long forgotten, and may have never received a vulnerability scan, even though they are available on the internet. The Scan Target Finder makes it easy to identify these hosts and easily add them as Scan Targets in Acunetix Online.

The Target Finder makes use of multiple techniques to identify new assets.These include:

  1. External Hosts identified during a web scan - An Acunetix web scan will identify a list of external hosts. Some of these could belong to the organisation and may also  need to be scanned. The Target Finder could also identify Scan Targets which might be owned by sister companies. Note that this check will also list domains that are now owned by the organisation.

  1. Sub-domains of existing Scan Targets - When a new Scan Target is added to Acunetix Online, the Target Finder will automatically run a sub-domain check and query the DNS server for common sub-domains for the domain configured. For example,  if is added as a Scan Target, the Target Finder will identify sub-domains such as or

  1. User-defined range - The user can define a range of IP addresses, and the Target Finder will make use of various techniques to identify live hosts within the range. This is useful when the organisation owns a range of internet IP addresses and wants to identify the assets that might be bound to these IP addresses.
    In order to avoid abuse, the IP range scanner allows the user to scan a range that is up to 10 times the number of licensed Scan Targets in a 24 hour period.

Creating new Scan Targets

Click the Create button next to the host to add the host as a Scan Target in Acunetix Online. You can then proceed with verifying the Scan Target and assessing the security of the host using the Acunetix vulnerability scans.

The Target Finder might identify hosts which you do not own, or which you do not want to scan. You can hide these hosts by clicking the Ignore button next to the host that you would like to hide from the default Target Finder list. Ignored hosts will end up in the Ignored Items list, should you need to restore an ignored host.


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