Compare Results Tool


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Screenshot – Compare Results Tool

The Compare Results tool allows you to analyze the differences between the results of two separate scans of the same application. You can compare a full security scan or just the site crawler data.

Comparing Results

To compare two saved scan results;

  1. Go to the Compare Results node in the Tools Explorer.
  2. In the Compare Results toolbar, specify the path of the first scan file. In the second edit box, specify the path of the second scan.
  3. Click on the Compare button  to launch the compare tool.
  4. Specify which items you wish to compare such as Referrers, HTTP headers etc. The list of items that are enabled for comparison can be saved as a new template by renaming the template and clicking the Save button. Click Start to begin the comparison.

Note: For large websites, the file structure comparison process may take longer to complete.

Analyzing the Results Comparison

Once the comparison is complete, the results are shown in a two-pane interface. The left pane contains the contents of the original scan while the right hand pane contains the results of the second scan. The middle column shows icons indicating the comparison result for the items in that line based on the following indicators:

Description: cmp-same

There are no changes.

Description: cmp-added

This item was added in the new version.

Description: cmp-removed

This item was deleted from the new version.

Description: cmp-modified1

This item was changed in the new version.

Click on the result icon in the middle column to display the details in the window below the comparison. These details show the changes detected between the two scans, such as the number of items detected and the items that have been added or deleted.

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