Targets Options Introduction

Crawling Options

When a target is being scanned, the crawler performs the critical function of searching for all the pages available, so that the scanner can then test for vulnerabilities. You can make adjustments to the crawler's functionality to optimise your tests to your site.

The available crawling options are:

  • User agent string
  • Case sensitive paths
  • Limit crawling to address and subdirectories only
  • Excluded paths
  • Import files - adding paths to the crawler
  • Import files - pre-request scripts

HTTP Options

When creating your targets, you can configure additional settings to customise how the scanner will send out web requests.

The available HTTP options are:

  • HTTP Authentication
  • Client Certificate
  • Proxy Server

If your network requires traffic to go through an HTTP proxy, or you wish to make Acunetix send HTTP requests through a proxy server to analyse the traffic later on, you can configure your target for this by performing the following:

  • enable the Proxy Server slider
  • set the IP Address or hostname for the proxy server
  • set the listening port for the proxy server
  • if your proxy server requires authentication, also set user name and password for the proxy server

Other Options

Other available options are:

  • Web Technologies
  • Custom Headers
  • Custom Cookies
  • Issue Tracker Integration
  • Allowed Hosts
  • Knowledge Base
  • Excluded Hours
  • Scanning Engine
  • Debug Scans


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