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Our studies show that as many as 84% of websites have at least one medium severity vulnerability that could lead to a website being hacked. Performing a website scan is of primary importance to identify the possible entry points for hackers and enabling you to fix those weak spots before the hacker can get to them.

Web app vulnerabilities have rapidly increased  in the past 12 months as companies demand faster web application release cycles to satisfy staff and customers. Web application vulnerabilities are dangerous for organizations as they risk damaging the brand and reputation, but also data breaches and the major fines associated with these.

Your website and web applications can be the entry point to your most valuable business assets, run a website scan and ensure you take control of your business’ online security today.

Run a website scan with Acunetix to:

  • Automatically test for XSS, SQLi & over 3000 other vulnerabilities
  • Reduce false positives with grey-box scanning that analyzes code during execution
  • Scan restricted areas entirely automatically
  • Test for over 1200 WordPress, Drupal and Joomla! specific vulnerabilities
  • Scan HTML5, JavaScript, Single Page Applications and RESTful web services
  • Analyse external links found during a scan and test for malware and phishing URLs
  • Manage and prioritize vulnerabilities based on business criticality
  • Run comprehensive reports for legal and regulatory compliance.

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