FAQ: Where are Acunetix WVS files stored?

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 8 stores application settings, scan results and configuration information in different  files and directories. These are divided in three categories: Data directory, Application directory, and Scheduler Saves directory. You can browse to them from the main toolbar drop down menu WVS Help > Application Directories.

Data is the first application directory, which includes the Data and the Reports directory. Data contains files and folders used for the configuration of the several features and services offered from WVS. For instance it contains the reporting database, Scheduler, Scripts,  General information etc. The Reports directory contains the Compliance folder where many compliance standards reporting templates are stored, such as OWASP, HIPPA, PCI Compliance, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc. Moreover it contains the Report Templates folder which contains templates of different reports hat are offered by the Reporter in WVS.

The User directory contains information that has to do mostly with the user preferences and choices regarding the configuration of WVS. The User directory is the default My Documents Directory. Files and directories are stored in two directories, one of which is in the user’s profile and the other in the computers’ public profile. The first one contains file/scan results and some configuration of WVS that have to do directly with the user using that instance of Acunetix WVS. The other directory in the users’ public profile one stores information concerning configuration and settings of WVS that will support the scanning procedure/process/stage.

Windows User Profile

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Acunetix WVS 8

Saves (Scan results)

Windows Public Profile

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Acunetix WVS 8


WVS directory is built in such a way that non admin user or users that do not have administrator privileges can run WVS without any restrictions or proper granted access.

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  • How can I alter this structure and have one common folder for everything? I am the only admin on my laptop, and do not require this kind of folder setup.

    In addition, is it possible to change the location of this folder? I prefer to keep my personal files on a separate drive, and not the windows-assigned one.


  • Hi Mike

    Currently you cannot alter the particular structure. As described above the particular structure was made to allow non admin users to use Acunetix WVS without any restrictions. Acunetix WVS, automatically chooses the particular directories and folders and cannot be altered.


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  • Hi Chrysostomos,

    Any latest update on files and folders structure alterations? I’m having trouble with disk space.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Alan

    No changes have been occurred as regards the file and folder structure except the FalsePositives.xml file which has been moved to the common Documents folder.


    • Hi Chrysostomos,

      We have known False Positives that keep occuring in our Scans, and would like to save these for future scanning. Is this possible with Acunetix 8.

  • Hi There

    We have known False Positives that keep occuring in our Scans, and would like to save these for future scanning. Is this possible with Acunetix 8.

  • Hi @Alan, @Mark

    If there are any false positives in the scan results you can mark them as False Positives and these will be stored in the FalsePositives.xml file under ‘C:Users\DocumentsAcunetix WVS 8’ directory.

    When you mark any alerts as False Positives for a specific website then Acunetix WVS will not report these alerts in any future scans unless you remove them from the False Positive state.

    You can control the False Positives in Acunetix WVS under the following section Tools Explorer > Configuration > Application Settings > False Positives.


  • Hi all.

    Someone here can tell me the technical explanation about: /Saved Scan Result/ Scan Data (check box)

    • Hi,

      You can configure Acunetix to automatically save the scan results in .wvs format by configuring a location in in the Saved Scan Results > Scan Data folder.

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