World Class Support Always, Additional Guidance When You Need It

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Acunetix, which is why all of our subscriptions include world-class standard support with rapid response times, service excellence, and convenient access.

We also offer a Premium Support plan for customers who want tighter response time SLAs and additional escalation paths or a Premium Support + Guided Success plan for customers who need strategic guidance to help them quickly achieve their objectives.

Support Plans

Standard Support
Expert-level support to assist with questions about product functionality and general issues.
Premium Support
Industry-leading response times on all submitted tickets and further escalation of high severity tickets.
Premium Support + Guided Success
A named application security manager to provide guidance, best practice recommendations, and expert-level strategy plus industry-leading response times on all submitted tickets and further escalation of high severity tickets.
Premium Support
+ Guided Success
Support hours (local timezone) 24x5 24x7 24x7
Product and support documentation
Team training
Quarterly business reviews
Essential dynamic application security testing best practices call
Fundamental product adoption session with basic configuration examples
Priority-based first reply guarantee

Urgent - 1 Hr | High - 2 Hr | Medium - 4 Hr | Low - 6 Hr

Advanced dynamic application security testing (DAST) best practices enablement sessions (Adoption or Team Training Sessions) delivered live and recorded for future use
Implementation guidance and advisory, including: asset discovery, website grouping, scan optimization, reporting, and analysis by a named application security manager
Guidance and support for the out-of-box 3rd party tools integrations
Custom documentation collage from the selected topics
Ongoing expert assistance from a named application security manager, including regular technical check-in calls

Premium Support + Guided Success is designed to provide:

Efficient Integrations

Efficient Integrations

Your named application security manager will help you with your strategy for integrating Acunetix with other tools in your CI/CD cycle to ensure you experience the full functionality of the tool.
Maximum Impact

Maximum Impact

Your named application security manager will help you develop and deploy a strategy using proven best practices to ensure your organization experiences the full functionality of the tool.


Working as an extension of your team, your application security manager will bring strategy and experience to reach maximum ROI on your Acunetix investment.

Why Premium Support + Guided Success?

Many organizations recognize the importance of a robust defensive web application security program but don’t have the strategic resources to get there. As web security demands grow more intense and security personnel are harder to find, IT leaders need more than great vulnerability assessment tools; they need reliable strategic guidance for any situation. When you use Acunetix with Premium Support + Guided Success, your named application security manager becomes a trusted advisor working by your side to help ensure you achieve your web security goals over the long term and help ensure you realize the full potential of your investment.