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The market for Web Application Security products and services is growing fast. As companies recognize the need to secure their websites, they are ready to invest in advanced tools that ensure the safety of their customers’ confidential details. The Acunetix Partner Program has been designed to promote and reward loyal and dedicated partners who add value to our product. The program is entirely based on merit and classifies members into 3 performance-based levels: Acunetix Advisor, Acunetix Partner and Acunetix Professional Partner.

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Why Partner with Acunetix?

  • Acunetix is the leading web application security vendor
  • Acunetix is easy to use
  • Acunetix has won numerous awards and is used by more than 6,000 companies worldwide
  • Acunetix customers include top names such as the the US Army, the US Airforce, Barclays Bank, American Express and more
  • Low price makes for easy sale compared to other overpriced web vulnerability scanners
  • Joining the partner program is free and there is no upfront commitment.


  • Performance-based resale margin
  • Access to free NFR (Not For Resale) license*
  • Telephone & Email support
  • Access to Acunetix Training events*
  • Listing on the Acunetix partner page after the first sale(s)* in exchange for prominent listing by Partner on own web site*
  • Strong recurrent revenue opportunity with renewals of Acunetix On Premise and Online Licenses.


  • Mention Acunetix prominently on your website and identify yourself as an Acunetix reseller
  • Be able to offer pre-sales advice to customers
  • Make at least one order for resale of Acunetix every 6 months
  • Have familiarized yourself with the software
  • An acceptable level of technical knowledge
  • Technical staff should have reviewed technical documentation and FAQ’s and would have earned industry related qualifications or certification.

Partner Levels

The Acunetix Partner Program consists of the following levels based on cooperation type, commitment and achievements:

  • Acunetix Advisor –  This level applies to Technical and Sales Advisors who may be supporting customers in their purchasing decisions and who wish to be fully informed of ongoing developments at Acunetix. Acunetix Advisors that make a very reasonable minimum of one sale every 6 months are promoted to Acunetix Partner level with higher margins.
  • Acunetix Partner – This is the starting level for new added-value partners in which they would familiarize themselves with Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner and the web security industry. As an Acunetix Partner you may request to be listed on our website upon your first sale(s) and will be granted access to cooperative marketing. Acunetix Partners that make regular sales and list the Acunetix logo and product information on their website may then be promoted to Acunetix Professional Partners, after discussing an Action and Sales Plan with their Partner Program account manager, the Sales Executive responsible for their region.
  • Acunetix Professional Partner – Acunetix Professional Partners would have  made regular sales and demonstrated a higher commitment to Acunetix. They would have agreed to an Action and Sales Plan with their Partner Program account manager. The Action Plan would include human resource development goals, and sales and marketing objectives. Benefits include website listing, higher margin, access to special training, events and cooperative marketing.

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Apply here. We will review your application within two business days. Once approved, you will receive a welcome email with further information. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

*Acunetix Partner Program benefits are subject to consistently regular sales after the first sale.