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Acunetix WVS v9.5 build 20140902 detects Hibernate Query Injection, Format Strings and more

September 02, 2014 - 11:30am

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner version 9.5 build 20140902 has been updated to include new vulnerability checks, including detection of Hibernate Query Injection, format strings vulnerabilities, MySQL username disclosure and others, including some, in well-known web applications. This new build also ... [+]


Statistics about the leaked Gmail, Yandex, passwords

Around 10 million email addresses and passwords were recently leaked on a Russian Bitcoin forum. Many websites report about 5 million Gmail accounts the leak includes also accounts from 2 popular russian mail providers (Yandex and The leak contains … [+]

Alliance Partners

Alliance Training Courses Improve Acunetix User Skills

Alliance Technology Partners, partnering with Acunetix since 2007, have announced they shall be offering Acunetix Training Courses, delivered via the web, by two of their senior security engineers. This Basic Training 3 hour course, is highly interactive and tailored to … [+]


WordPress 4.0 “Benny” released

The long awaited WordPress version 4.0, codenamed “Benny” in honour of jazz clarinettist and band leader Benny Goodman has been released.  While this does seem like a major release to some of us, since it includes a good amount of … [+]


List of checks done by Acunetix on WordPress

An Acunetix web vulnerability scan is able to detect a WordPress installation, and will execute various WordPress related checks when the popular blogging web application is identified. When WordPress is detected, Acunetix will issue the following knowledge base entry. Acunetix … [+]


Balancing Web Security with your Compliance Requirements

As an executive responsible for many aspects of running your business, it can be difficult and downright confusing trying to understand the balance between Web security and compliance. Your IT, information security, and internal audit teams may be telling you … [+]

AopSec USA 2014

Visit Acunetix Stand at OWASP AppSec USA 2014

Acunetix will be sponsoring and exhibiting at this year’s OWASP AppSec USA. The event will be held from 16th to the 19th September at the Denver Marriott City Center, Denver, USA. AppSec USA is a world-class software security conference for developers, auditors, risk managers, … [+]

RATs vs Worms

Danger: Open Ports – Remote Access Trojans (RATs) vs Worms

Having a good antivirus solution gives a warm, fuzzy feeling of safety: you know that your assets are virus free and that your network is secure. However, most antivirus solutions cannot detect Remote Administration Tools (aka Remote Access Trojans  or … [+]

Help Net Security

How important is website security?

In an interview on Help Net Security, Acunetix’ Product Manager Nicholas Sciberras, illustrates why website security should be a priority in any organization. He talks about the challenges involved in auditing website security, illustrates the pros and cons of using remote … [+]

POS security

POS Security: Are my POS terminal credentials up for sale?

There is a black market for stolen credit card information: you can shop online for credit card data for prices between 20$ and 100$ per item. Underground websites like Silk Road (today Silk Road 2.0) offer the possibility to acquire … [+]