Acunetix Support – Help and Documentation

Here you can find extensive technical support resources including Manuals, FAQs and Integration documents. Valid Maintenance Agreement (MA) license holders, may contact the Acunetix support team for free on or call on +1 404 9903281 (USA) and +44 (0)330 202 0193 (rest of the world) during standard USA, EU business hours. The MA entitles the license holder to free software version upgrades, as well as email and phone support.

The Acunetix manuals provide a very good overview of the functionality of the product. Use the manual to answer queries about how the product or a feature works and to get examples of best practice usage for Acunetix both for the online scan and downloadable version.

Integrate Acunetix WVS into custom projects, workflows and third-party systems by using the comprehensive Command Line Interface or the REST API (coming soon). You may also extend Acunetix WVS by writing customized vulnerability checks using the Acunetix WVS SDK.

Acunetix WVS can be launched from command line, allowing you to define complex automation for specific scans, integrate with third-pary tools and workflows and generate a variety of reports.

Acunetix WVS CLI reference »

The Acunetix WVS REST API allows you to start, stop list and, schedule scans within the Acunetix WVS Scheduler simply by sending HTTP requests to the Acunetix WVS Scheduler Service. The API, allows you to script complex actions and integrate your own applications as your situation requires.

Coming Soon

Extend Acunetix WVS by writing customized vulnerability checks in JavaScript using the Acunetix WVS SDK.

Acunetix WVS SDK scripting reference »