Importing links and API definitions

You can import links or an API definition file to Acunetix 360 from a file or a URL. This feature lets you specify pages that you would like to scan, which are not linked from anywhere on the website.

Acunetix 360 crawls the target website to reach maximum coverage. When you launch a scan, Acunetix 360 acts as a search engine bot. This means the scanner visits every link that it detects and makes requests to all input points in detected resources including the URLs used to reach these resources.  

However, there may be parts of the website that are not linked from the website. This can prevent Acunetix 360 from achieving maximum coverage and identifying all vulnerabilities on the target website.

  • The Links and API Definitions feature in Acunetix 360 enables you to add links and files to determine web pages that you want scanned.
  • You can also ensure that Acunetix 360 includes data already captured by using other tools into the scan.

Difference between From File and From URL

You can import your links and API definitions from a file or from a URL.

  • The From File option lets you import your document to Acunetix 360. This requires you to import the file over and over again whenever you edit it.
  • Instead, you can upload this file in your environment that Acunetix 360 can access via a URL.
  • In the case of GraphQL, for example, even if you edit the schema repeatedly, you do not need to import the file to Acunetix 360, as the scanner can access it via the URL.

For further information about importing links from third-party tools, see Importing links from supported tools.

This topic explains how to import links and API definitions from a file or from a URL to Acunetix 360.

Links/API Definitions Fields

This table lists and describes the fields in the Links/API Definitions tab.



From File

Specify a file to import your links/API definitions

From URL

Specify a URL to import your links/API definitions

Enter Links

Specify the links that you want to scan.

Imported Links

Select a file for importing links from the drop-down.

Importing links/API definitions to Acunetix 360

How to import links/API definitions in Acunetix 360
  1. Open Acunetix 360.
  2. From the main menu, select Scans > New Scan.
  3. On the New Scan page, select Links/API Definitions.

  1. To specify links, you can do one of the followings:
  • From the From File section, select the third-party tool's icon to select and update the supported file.
  • From the From URL section, select the third-party tool's icon to enter the URL.
  • From the Enter Links section, add your links manually.
  1. Select Launch to start the scan.

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