Importing links and API definitions

This guide shows you how to import links and API definition files from either a file or a URL to Invicti Enterprise and Invicti Standard. This lets you specify pages for scanning that may not be linked from any other part of your website.


When Acunetix crawls and scans a target, it tries to reach all parts of the website. However, there may be input points and resources that are not linked to the target, which can prevent Invicti from identifying all vulnerabilities on the website. By importing links or API definition files, you can specify all the web pages you want to be scanned. You have the option to import links or API definition files from either a file or a URL. You can also make sure Invicti considers data from other third-party tools during the scan.

For more information about importing links from third-party tools, refer to Importing links from supported tools.

How to import links and API definitions to Acunetix 360

  1. Open Acunetix 360.
  2. From the main menu, select Scans > New Scan.
  3. Populate the Target URL and Scan Profile.
  4. In the Scan Settings menu, select Links/API Definitions.

  1. To specify the links for import, use one of the following options:
  • Enter Links: Add your links manually in the Enter Links section.
  • From File: Select the relevant third-party tool in the From File section and import the file. With this option, you will be required to import the file again every time you edit it.
  • From URL: Select the relevant third-party tool in the  From URL section and enter the URL of the file. With this option, when you make changes to the document, there is no need to reupload it because it is already linked. For example, in the case of GraphQL, even if you edit the schema repeatedly, you do not need to import the file to Invicti because the scanner can already access it via the URL.
  1. Add Scan Tags and any Comments.
  2. Select Launch to start the scan.

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