Integrating Invicti Standard with Acunetix 360

You can associate Invicti Standard with Acunetix 360. This enables you to do two things:

  • Export scans from Invicti Standard to Acunetix 360
  • View results of scans run in Acunetix 360 in Invicti Standard

In some cases, such as scanning a website that requires a 2FA mechanism, you will need to use the Interactive Login feature. Since this feature is not supported in Acunetix 360, you can run scans in Invicti Standard and export the scan results to Acunetix 360.

Sometimes, you may want to monitor the scan traffic simultaneously (a feature unique to Invicti Standard), then later show the results to your team in Acunetix 360.


You can download Invicti Standard from Acunetix 360. For further information, see Downloading Invicti Standard from Acunetix 360.

Integration Options

In order to be able to integrate Invicti Standard with Acunetix 360, you must first provide Invicti Standard with your login credentials. This feature is disabled by default in Invicti Standard.

How to configure your Acunetix 360 login credentials in Invicti Standard
  1. Open Invicti Standard.
  2. In the Home tab, select Options > Enterprise Integration.
  3. From the Enterprise Integration Settings, select Acunetix 360. (If you are using Acunetix 360 On-Premises, select On-Premises Installation.)

  1. In the [Product Name] Information section, configure the connection:
  • Select the Upload finished Scans to [Product Name] automatically, if necessary.
  • If the On-Premises Installation is selected in the 3rd step, from the Enterprise Type, select Acunetix 360 and enter Server URL.
  • Enter User ID and API Token. (see API Settings).
  1. Select Test Connection to make sure that the integration works.

  1. Select Apply and OK.

Exporting scans to Acunetix 360

There are several ways to export your scans:

How to export scans to Acunetix 360
  1. Open Invicti Standard.
  2. At this point, you have two options. You can either:
  • Open the scan you want to export.
  • From the Home tab, select Export to Acunetix 360. The Success dialog is displayed (including a link to the current scan).

  • Or, from the File tab, select Import > Local Scans.
  • Then, do one of the following:
  • Select the Export to Acunetix 360 icon.
  • Alternatively, to export multiple scans, select Export to Acunetix 360 > Bulk Export:
  • From the Local Scans list, select the scans you want to Export.
  • Select Add. The scans are copied into the Export List.
  • Select Start Export.

You can add a scan to the list that will be exported to Acunetix 360. Also, scan files can be imported into this list manually.

Viewing exported scans

Invicti Standard lists all scans you have exported from Acunetix 360. You can also view your exported scans in Acunetix 360.

How to view exported scans in Invicti Standard
  1. Open Invicti Standard.
  2. From the File tab, select Import > Acunetix 360 Scans. All scans you have on Acunetix 360 are displayed.
How to view exported scans in Acunetix 360
  1. Log in to Acunetix 360.
  2. From the main menu, select Scans > Recent Scans.
  3. Scans exported from Invicti Standard into Acunetix 360 will display the Invicti Standard icon () among the Website column icons.

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