Deploying AcuSensor agent for Java websites in Acunetix 360

Before deploying AcuSensor, note the list of supported servers and frameworks.

Supported Servers and Frameworks

Java Runtime

For any Java Runtime environment that is implemented according to these specifications, the supported version are:

  • 7.x
  • 8.x
  • 11.x

Application Servers

  • Apache Tomcat:
  • v8.5.x
  • v9.x
  • v10.0.x
  • v10.1.x
  • Jetty
  • v9.4.x
  • v10.0.x
  • v11.0.x
  • WildFly v22.x and above
  • JBoss EAP
  • v7.3.x
  • v7.4.x
  • WebSphere Traditional
  • WebSphere Liberty

Database Engines

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • DB2
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • SQLite
  • H2

Other Technologies

  • Axis
  • Freemarker
  • Velocity
  • Hibernate
  • J2EE - Servlet/JSP
  • Struts 2
  • Spring Web, Spring Boot
  • Spring Expression, Java Expression Language (EL)
  • JAX-RS and Jersey
  • JavaMail
  • JPA
  • java.beans
  • SAX, DOM

You can use AcuSensor to carry out interactive security testing (IAST) in your web application to confirm more vulnerabilities and further minimize false positives.

For AcuSensor to operate, you need to download an agent and deploy it on your server. Please note that this agent is generated uniquely for each target website for security reasons.

Use one of the following links for more details on how to deploy AcuSensor for Java on the more common types of web application configuration.

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