How do I update to the latest Acunetix build?

Keeping Acunetix up-to-date is important to ensure you always get the latest updates to existing and newly added tests, features, bugfixes and improvements. Fortunately it’s not only easy but transparent.

By default Acunetix automatically checks for updates, installs any new updates in the background without any user interaction.

🔍 Effect on Running Scans

Before installing an update, Acunetix will wait for any running scans to complete.

This behaviour can be configured by navigating to Settings > Product Updates.

Acunetix can also be set to "Notify me of new product updates" or "Do not automatically check for updates [Not recommended]".

Who is eligible for build upgrades?

All Acunetix customers are eligible for a build upgrade within the same version. However you would require a valid Maintenance Agreement for version upgrade. Contact our Sales Team at for more information.

I am a user of Acunetix Online. Does this apply to me?

Acunetix Online is updated automatically – so you don’t have to lift a finger!


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