Acunetix 360 Licensing

An Acunetix license gives you access to Acunetix 360, including Online or On-Premises editions.

Our Acunetix 360 Pricing page lists the features.

This topic explains how to get and manage Acunetix licenses.

Evaluation Period

During the evaluation period, you can test your websites in addition to our test hosts. When you decide to have a license, the Acunetix sales team will open an account for you to use the scanner.



Licensing for Acunetix On-Premises may differ. Please consult your Sales Representative to have the necessary information.

How to Get a Demo
  1. Navigate to   

  1. Complete the form, and click GET A DEMO.
  2. The Thank You for Requesting a Demo screen is displayed, along with a YouTube video.

Please note that your information is kept private. For further information, see our Privacy Policy.

Activating Your Acunetix 360 License

This section explains how to get and activate Acunetix 360 License.

How to Get and Activate an Acunetix 360 License
  1. Contact us at
  2. Our Sales team will help you with the purchase.
  3. For Acunetix 360, register your new account using the Invitation link you were emailed.

If you need additional information and licenses, contact

Further Information

For further information, see How Does Acunetix Licensing Work? and Licensing Settings.

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