Downloading the AcuSensor Agent using the Acunetix API

This guide shows you how to download the AcuSensor Agent using the Acunetix API. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you will learn how to acquire the AcuSensor Agent file through interaction with the Acunetix API. Subsequently, the downloaded AcuSensor Agent can be deployed and utilized for conducting thorough vulnerability scans.

NOTE: Before downloading the AcuSensor Agent, you need to:

How to download the AcuSensor Agent

Follow these steps to first retrieve the AcuSensor Agent token for a particular target and then download the AcuSensor Agent:

  1. Replace [target_id] in the command below with the actual target_id obtained for your target.
  2. Replace [API-Key] with your valid Acunetix API key.

curl -i -k -X GET[target_id]/configuration -H "Accept: application/json" -H "X-Auth: [API-Key]"

After editing the command with the appropriate target_id and API key, execute it to obtain the AcuSensor Agent token for the specified target.

  1. Locate the sensor_secret within the response and ensure that the sensor parameter displays the value of true for AcuSensor to function correctly. Here's the relevant portion of the response:

"sensor": true,
"sensor_secret": "

In the above snippet, the sensor parameter is set to true, indicating that AcuSensor is enabled, and the sensor_secret contains the unique secret key associated with AcuSensor.

  1. To download the required AcuSensor Agent using the sensor_secret obtained from the previous response, follow this example command:

curl -k -H "Accept: application/octet-stream" -JLO -X GET[sensor_secret]

In this case, we are using the parameter 'net3' to download the .NET AcuSensor. Replace [sensor_secret] with the actual sensor_secret value obtained from the previous response. This command will download the .NET AcuSensor file associated with the specified sensor_secret.

NOTE: The AcuSensor parameter_types are defined in our API documentation. The parameter types are:

  • php
  • java3
  • node
  • net3

To use any specific sensor you need, just substitute ‘net3’ with your desired sensor in the request.

  1. Using the provided command initiates the download of the AcuSensor Agent to the current directory where the command is executed (in this case, the cmd location), and saves it with the appropriate filename.

For instance, if your cmd location is C:\, the AcuSensor Agent will be downloaded to that file location. If you're specifically downloading the .NET AcuSensor, the downloaded file will be named


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