AcuSensor Bridge

The AcuSensor Bridge is a crucial component for IAST in Acunetix. Its primary function is to facilitate the relay of out-of-band messages between the Acunetix scanning engine and the IAST sensors. This document provides essential information on the usage of the AcuSensor Bridge.

The AcuSensor Bridge is used by the Java, .NET, and Node.js IAST AcuSensors. The PHP IAST AcuSensor can communicate directly with the Scanner.


Before deploying AcuSensor, it is crucial to pay attention to the address (hostname or IP) and port number configured for the AcuSensor Bridge. The IAST sensors will be sending data to the configured address/port. Confirm that the address configured can be resolved from the server running the web application and that there are no restrictions in place preventing the IAST sensor from sending data to the AcuSensor Bridge.

By default, the AcuSensor Bridge listens on port 7880 for incoming AcuSensor data. The hostname utilized by the deployed AcuSensor corresponds to the one configured during the initial installation of Acunetix.

To modify these settings, access the AcuSensor Bridge panel within the General Settings page.

To guarantee a smooth integration, it is imperative to verify the following settings:

  • Address Field: Ensure that the Address field contains a hostname (or IP address) that your web application can resolve and utilize to reach your Acunetix installation.
  • Port Field: Confirm that the Port field contains a port number that has been accurately configured.
  • The address for the Acunetix Bridge for Acunetix Online is There is no need to configure anything in Acunetix, but the website where the IAST sensor is installed needs to be able to connect to this address on port 443.


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