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1. Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner Licensing

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner is available as an Enterprise Edition 2 Concurrent Scans or as Consultant Edition 5 or 10 Concurrent Scans.

1.1 Perpetual or Subscription Licenses

Acunetix WVS is sold as a one-year or as a perpetual license. Same version product updates are included in both the one-year and perpetual licenses.

Support and version upgrades are included for free for the full duration of the 1 year license, however it is only included for the first year of the Perpetual license. To extend this period of support and free version upgrades to one or more years, a maintenance agreement should be purchased along with the perpetual license.

1.2 Enterprise Edition Unlimited Sites/Servers

The Enterprise edition license allows you to install one copy of Acunetix on one computer and scan an unlimited number of sites or servers, provided they are owned by the license holder.

You can only scan the website/s and web application/s owned by the licensed company. Before the scan you must obtain proper authorization to scan the website/s. To scan third-party websites you require the consultant edition. Acunetix Enterprise edition will leave a trail in the log files of the scanned server – scanning of third party sites is prohibited with this license.

To install copies on several computers, the necessary individual licenses must be purchased.

1.3 Consultant Edition

The Consultant edition license allows customers to install one copy of Acunetix on one computer, and scan an unlimited number of sites or servers provided that they have obtained permission from the respective site owners. Scanning of third party sites without the necessary permission from their respective owners is prohibited with this license.

This Consultant edition is ideal for consultants who provide web security testing services, or an ISP, for example. The Consultant edition also includes the capability of modifying the reports to include their company logo.

This edition is the only edition that you can use to audit third-party websites, i.e., websites not owned by the company you are working for.

To install copies on several computers, the necessary individual licenses must be purchased.

1.4 Consultant Edition 5 or 10 Concurrent Scans

The Consultant Edition 5 or 10 Concurrent Scans allows you to fire up 5 or 10 instances of Acunetix on the same machine, and so allows you to scan up to 5 or 10 websites or web applications simultaneously. All other terms and conditions as per Acunetix Consultant Edition license apply.

2. Payment Methods Accepted

Payment can be made by Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard), PayPal or by Wire Transfer.

If paying by wire transfer our online ordering system will provide you with a proforma invoice and the relevant bank details according to your geographic location.

3. Product delivery

Acunetix software products are delivered electronically. A license key and download location is sent to you by email within one business day of placing your order.

4. Refunds

Product returns are not accepted. We encourage you to take advantage of our “Try before you buy” policy.

5. Pricing Terms and Conditions: FOB (End User) Internet excluding all taxes

All taxes such as royalty taxes, levies, duties, sales tax and VAT must be added to these prices and paid by the end user in the respective market.

European customers must refer to our Euro pricing and pay in Euro. Only customers outside of Europe can purchase in USD.

6. Delivery

Electronic Software Delivery, activated by means of a license key.

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