How can I integrate Acunetix with another third party application?

Acunetix includes an API which can be used to integrate Acunetix with other applications. The API allows the creation and scanning of Targets,retrieve scan results and generate Acunetix reports. Contact us to get more information, and for a copy of the Acunetix API documentation.

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  • I want to integrate Acunetix with splunk. Please send docs about this subject..

  • I am also wondering the same about integrating Acunetix into Splunk. Is it possible for us to get an answer posted here?

    • Hi Josh, thanks for your comment, I’ve added submitted a Feature Request with to our Product Team. For more information about the Acunetix API, kindly get in touch with for more information.

  • Please,
    I want to integrate Acunetix with Splunk to receive the data and relation this with the inventory and etc.
    Could you send more information about the API or other way to integrate them.

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