Where can I find the Acunetix manual tools in v11?

In Acunetix v11, the manual tools, are being provided as a separate installation downloadable for free from https://www.acunetix.com/vulnerability-scanner/free-manual-pen-testing-tools/

The suite of Manual Tools include:

  • HTTP Editor –  to create, analyze, and edit client HTTP requests; as well as inspect server responses.
  • HTTP Sniffer – to analyze HTTP requests and responses, and manually crawl a site structure.
  • HTTP Fuzzer – to automatically send a large number of HTTP requests including invalid, unexpected and random data to a website, to test input validation and rate-limiting.
  • Subdomain Scanner – to run a scan on a top-level domain to discover subdomains configured in its hierarchy.
  • Target Finder – to run a port scan to discover web servers running on a given IP address, or a range of IP addresses.
  • Blind SQL Injector – to enumerate databases, tables, dump data and also read specific files on the file system of the web server, depending on the seriousness of the vulnerability.
  • Authentication Tester – to test the strength of both usernames and passwords within HTTP and web forms authentication environments via a dictionary attack.
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