Starting from Acunetix v11, the manual tools, are being provided as a separate installation downloadable for free from

The suite of Manual Tools include:

  • HTTP Editor –  to create, analyze, and edit client HTTP requests; as well as inspect server responses.
  • HTTP Sniffer – to analyze HTTP requests and responses, and manually crawl a site structure.
  • HTTP Fuzzer – to automatically send a large number of HTTP requests including invalid, unexpected and random data to a website, to test input validation and rate-limiting.
  • Subdomain Scanner – to run a scan on a top-level domain to discover subdomains configured in its hierarchy.
  • Target Finder – to run a port scan to discover web servers running on a given IP address, or a range of IP addresses.
  • Blind SQL Injector – to enumerate databases, tables, dump data and also read specific files on the file system of the web server, depending on the seriousness of the vulnerability.
  • Authentication Tester – to test the strength of both usernames and passwords within HTTP and web forms authentication environments via a dictionary attack.
Nicholas Sciberras
Principal Program Manager
As the Principal Program Manager, Nicholas is passionate about IT security and technology at large. Prior to joining Acunetix in 2012, Nicholas spent 12 years at GFI Software, where he managed the email security and anti-spam product lines, led multiple customer service teams, and provided technical training.