Sometimes, during a scan, you realise that you should tweak the Target’s settings. For example, you may need to alter the User-Agent used by the scan. This can be done as follows:

  1. From the Acunetix UI > Scans > Select the running scan.
  2. Click on the Pause button.
  3. Change to Targets > Open the settings for the Target.
  4. Alter the settings as needed e.g. Change to Crawl tab, and change the User Agent.
  5. Save the Target settings.
  6. Change to Scans > Select the Paused Scan.
  7. Click Resume. The scan will proceed with the new settings.

Note that you cannot alter the Scan Type used. If you need to do this you will need to restart the scan.

Nicholas Sciberras
Chief Technical Officer
As the CTO at Acunetix, Nicholas is passionate about IT security and technology at large. Prior to joining Acunetix in 2012, Nicholas spent 12 years at GFI Software, where he managed the email security and anti-spam product lines, led multiple customer service teams and provided technical training.