How do I configure scan speed in Acunetix?

Being able to scan a website or web application quickly is certainly important, however, a fast scan isn’t always the desired outcome. There are cases where you might be scanning a web application on a web server with very limited resources (especially when scanning web applications on embedded devices), or perhaps you are scanning a web application with aggressive rate-limiting.

Whatever the reason, configuring a scan to run at a slower speed (throttling) is sometimes necessary. Acunetix makes throttling a scan simple.

To throttle a scan, navigate to the Target you wish to throttle, slide the Scan Speed slider in the General tab to suit your needs, then click Save on the top-left of the screen.

Configure Scan Speed

The following are the values assigned to each setting on the Scan Speed slider.

  • Slower
    – 1 Concurrent Request
    – 0 ms Request Delay
  • Slow
    – 2 Concurrent Requests
    – 250 ms Request Delay
  • Moderate
    – 5 Concurrent Requests
    – 250 ms Request Delay
  • Fast
    – 10 Concurrent Requests
    – 0 ms Request Delay
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  • How can I limit the rate on the web scanner? the web scanner is causing our host to return 524 error.

  • Hi,

    From the Target’s Settings, you can use the Scan Speed throttle to reduce the number of connections that are initiated to your server.

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