Being able to scan a website or web application quickly is certainly important, however, a fast scan isn’t always the desired outcome. There are cases where you might be scanning a web application on a web server with very limited resources (especially when scanning web applications on embedded devices), or perhaps you are scanning a web application with aggressive rate-limiting.

Whatever the reason, configuring a scan to run at a slower speed (throttling) is sometimes necessary. Acunetix makes throttling a scan simple.

To throttle a scan, navigate to the Target you wish to throttle, slide the Scan Speed slider in the General tab to suit your needs, then click Save on the top-left of the screen.

Configure Scan Speed

The following are the values assigned to each setting on the Scan Speed slider.

Scan Speed Details
Slower 1 HTTP request every 120 milliseconds
(500 requests / minute)
Slow 1 HTTP request every 50 milliseconds
(1200 requests / minute)
Moderate 1 HTTP request every 20 milliseconds
(3000 requests / minute)
Fast No Throttling
Ian Muscat

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  • How can I limit the rate on the web scanner? the web scanner is causing our host to return 524 error.

  • Hi,

    From the Target’s Settings, you can use the Scan Speed throttle to reduce the number of connections that are initiated to your server.

  • Hi

    What is the peak bandwidth it uses in Fast scan?

    • This will depend on the Response Time and Processing Power. For all the Scan Speed settings, Acunetix will try to go as fast as possible. If the response from the site is really fast, and Acunetix is able to process the responses fast enough, the scan will go faster, resulting in higher bandwidth usage.

      Note that the amount of data transferred for fast and slow scans will usually be be the same, but since faster scans takes less time to transfer the data, the bandwidth usage would be higher.

  • Since version 12 it is no longer possible to directly modify the XML node of the C:\ProgramData\Acunetix\shared\General\Settings.xml file
    And specify what we want?

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