In the event where you need to troubleshoot the scanning done on a specific target, you can enable debug logging for the Target. The Acunetix scanner will log the progress of the scan and any problems that are encountered during the scan.

You can enable debug logging for a Target by selecting your Target from the list of Targets, scrolling to the bottom of the Target Information page, expanding the “Advanced” section, and enabling “Debug scans for this target”.

The debug logs are stored in <C:\ProgramData\Acunetix\shared\scans>. The Events tab of the scan will indicate the name of the zip file containing the logging for the scan.

Nicholas Sciberras
Chief Technical Officer
As the CTO at Acunetix, Nicholas is passionate about IT security and technology at large. Prior to joining Acunetix in 2012, Nicholas spent 12 years at GFI Software, where he managed the email security and anti-spam product lines, led multiple customer service teams and provided technical training.