This situation generally occurs when scanning a large web site. In this case, the scan can take a few hours, sometimes, although rarely, a few days. The scan might seem to be stuck, when in reality, it is not. When this happens, the status of the scan shows the same percentage for the progress. You can verify that Acunetix is still scanning your website using the web logs on the scan target.


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  • My scan has been running for the past 14 hours on a small website and it’s still at 0%.

    • Hi,

      Does the site make use of a lot of JavaScript? Or does it include a lot of web forms? Probably it’s best if you get in touch with our support, so we can check the site ourselves.

  • My application scan is running for past 21hrs, the overall progress shows as “100%” but the activity is showing as “Processing”. Will the scan stops automatically or I need to stop it manually?

    • Hi, is this for Acunetix Onlinie, or Acunetix On-Premises. We would need to check the Acunetix log for the specific site. Can you contact our support team and provide more details on the site.

  • hello. am having a similar issue. I initiated a scan and it is taken forever to complete. what can I do to resolve this issue?

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