If the target website or web application you intend to scan is only reachable via an HTTP proxy, you will need to configure Acunetix On-Premises to make use of that HTTP proxy server before running the scan.

You can set different proxy settings per Target in Acunetix On-Premises. This is useful if different Targets you choose to scan make use of different proxy settings.

In order to configure an HTTP proxy, navigate to an existing Target > HTTP > Enable Proxy Server

Proxy server

You may specify the HTTP proxy server and port, together with any authentication details (only if required).

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  • That will depend on the proxy server. Acunetix does not alter the way that the scan is done when a proxy server is configured. However a proxy server might alter HTTP requests / responses as they are passing through it. Proxy servers might also server cached versions of certain pages, which might also affect the scan.

  • Hi,

    The proxy setting affects the scanning template, and you need to select the scanning template to be used for your scan. Acunetix WVS does not have an exclude list for the proxy settings. You will need to split the scan so that part of the site is scanned via the proxy, and the other part is scanned directly.

    You can start the scan using the Scan Wizard (New Scan button on the top left). In the options page, select to “Show advanced options in the scan wizard”. In the Advanced options, choose “After crawling let me choose the files to scan”. This will allow you to scan a section of the site.

  • How can I set proxy on Acunetix version 11?
    it has general proxy that update and … go through there but not the scan traffic.

    • You’ll need to enable proxy settings per-Target (since yo may need to set a different HTTP proxy on different Targets). The above article has been updated to reflect changes for v11. Should you have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team at support@acunetix.com

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